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Director’s Message

A leading lady with extensive experience in the educational sector, heading towards the path of perfection in hospitality.

Nexus provides excellent exposure to the industry, supported by a rigorous academic curriculum. The diverse campus gave us all the confidence to go out.

The faculty is engaged to push the boundaries of student knowledge pertaining to the service sector, primarily the hotel and tourism Industry. Practical training is imparted to the trainees to enhance & develop their personality which further prepares them for the service industry. The marks scored by the students during these practical trainings are counted in overall score of grades of the passing certificate course.

The students are assessed from time to time through a series of activities and various other techniques like.

  •  Live Projects
  •  Practical Coaching & Training
  •  Monk Training
  •  Role Plays

All these evaluation methods are given respective weightage in terms of marks so as to encourage the trainees to participate, thus making them more innovative and active.